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Food & Beverage – Chek’s Coffee House

1. To do setting of cutleries, tables and ambience decorations in the outlet
2. To attend to guests needs in the outlet.

1. To ensure outlet and dining ware are properly set up.
2. To assists fellow colleague in their duties whenever possible.

1. To monitor and ensure F&B service standard are in accordance.
2. To assists fellow colleague in their duties whenever possible.


1. To clean guest rooms.
2. To report and follow up for faulty items found in rooms

1. To ensure all front of the house and back of the house areas are well maintained and clean.
2. To practice proper chemical handling, storage and usage.

1. To provide sewing and repairing work for staffs’ uniform, linen and other hotel fabric in usage.

Sales & Marketing

1. Developing new and maintaining current clients contacts especially in the travel agents/wholesale.
2. Preparing contracts required to clients.
3. Lead site tours, inspections and hospitality visits.

1. Preparing proposals and BEO
2. Assisting superior with other sales administrative work.

Front Office

1. To provide send off and pick up services for guests required Hotel transportation around Hotel, airport or nearby destination.
2. To assist with guests’ luggage.
3. To assist with guests’ enquiries.

1. To assist guests’ with check-in and check-out of Hotel rooms.
2. To provide information and customer service by answering guests’ enquiries.


1. To monitor and assist with Security daily task and operations.
2. To have knowledge in ERT, OSHA, Fire Training and emergency situation handling.

1. To carry out day to day security duties of patrolling, monitoring and checking of hotel surrounding.
2. To assist guests’ with general enquiries and to provide assistance when required.


We are looking for dedicated and driven individuals to be a part of our team.

What we provide at AVANTÉ Hotel is the passion for hospitality. Let us discover your talent, and provide you an opportunity of a lifetime.

Please send resume to hr@avantehotel.com.my with your details and interested job position.