Love’s New Beginnings

On this special day, it’s all about you! Our AVANTÉ Hotel’s wedding specialists are here to deliver – choose from Chinese, Malay, Indian or Western themes, or customize your own. From conception, planning right up to your big day. There’s simply no better way to celebrate with ease, than right here, at AVANTÉ Hotel.

We Do…

A toast to the bride and groom! A round of games is a must for the groom to meet his bride. Rings exchanged as he lifts her veil and meets her loving gaze. A tea ceremony presented to elders signify love, respect and gratitude. Say yes to forever, We Do.

Mahligai Impian

An elegant “majlis bersanding” with family and friends, each paying their good blessings, “merenjis”, for the wedding couple. A sprinkling of rose-scented water and bunga rampai for the bride and groom, with a promise of forever. Blending the traditional and contemporary.

Maharaja & Maharani

Jubilant celebrations and a sumptuous feast, celebrate in style and ease. Colourful and festive, the stunning bride is presented in her sparkling saree and gold bangles. The groom clasps her hennaed hand, bound in love, as an evening of dance and song begins!

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